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Welcome to is an online tool for indoor and On The Water (OTW) rowers. It accepts workout data from a number of devices and applications. It analyzes the data to provide valuable insights about your training, and enables you to share data with many common online training tracking systems.

Quick Start

On our Videos Page, we already have a few nice videos to get you started with your rowing data. Jump right in and see how we do things at!

Indoor Rowing is designed to work with all models of the Concept2 Indoor rower. Using applications like ergstick, rowpro, ergdata or painsled; a user can collect stroke by stroke data from the Concept2 Performance Monitor (Models PM3, PM4 or PM5). Workout data can be exported from these applications, usually in CSV format, and uploaded to Users can upload workouts either through the online interface, for by emailing workouts to the site to simplify the process for some applications.

On The Water Rowing

On the water rowers use either dedicated devices like Speedcoaches or smartphone applications to collect data on their workouts. All of these devices and applications provide a method to export workout data in CSV, TCX or FIT format files. Workout data in these formats can be uploaded to Users can upload workouts either through the online interface, for by emailing workouts to the site to simplify the process for some applications.

Basic Analysis

Many athletes use training approaches that use heart rate as a key metric. In general, HR training is managed by defining different training zones for different purposes. uses heart rate zone definitions that are consistent with the Concept2 Training Guide.

After a user defines their training zones, any training files that are uploaded with HR data can be analyzed to provide time in HR zone pie charts.

The tools also provide the ability to review a row, stroke by stroke in plots versus time or distance. Basic plots in include HR, Pace, Stroke rate, and power for the erg.

The tools also provide a text summary of the row.

Workout Export provides the ability to easily export workouts from the erg or boat to the Concept2 online logbook. Export to other sport tracking sites like Strava and SportTracks is also supported. Users can also export workout data by email.

Import Compatibility tries to be compatible with the most important tools that rowers use to capture the data (both indoor and OTW). For a full list of currently supported devides/apps, click here.


The project is based on python plotting code by Greg Smith ( and inspired by the RowPro Dan Burpee spreadsheet (

Advanced Analysis, Coaching and Planning (Premium Features)

Beyond the free basic plan, provides a rich tool set for athletes and coaches who want to maximize their training efficiency by analyzing data.

We offer three plans. Click on the name of the plan to find out more:

  • Pro Membership, offering additional rowing metrics and analysis tools for individual rowers.
  • Self-Coach Membership, offering all of the Pro Membership plan, plus the ability to plan your own sessions and analyze progress of your fitness against your plan.
  • Coach Membership, offering all functions of Self-Coach and Pro Membership plans, but allows you to build a manage the performance of a group of athletes around you. You can analyze their workouts, plan their training and measure their fitness progress.

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