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The best way to improve racing performance is to assess where you are, set objectives, make a plan, track progress, and adjust based on the results you are getting.

This site is more than a rowing log book. It enables you and your coach to plan and track all your rowing, indoor and on the water, with a large number of devices and apps. On top of that, it offers the best in rowing data analytics. Train smart.

For on-the-water and indoor rowing

What we offer


We offer a fully integrated way for you or your coach to set up the goal you commit to, plan to achieve it, and monitor plan versus execution based on time, distance, heart rate or power.


Maintain a consistent log for all your rowing (indoor and on the water) and sync your workouts to popular tools as the Concept2 logbook, Strava, TrainingPeaks, SportTracks and others.


Analyze your workouts with a consistent set of tools, developed by rowers for rowers.


Compare youre results between workouts and with other rowers in your team.


Virtual regattas are an informal way to add a competitive element to your training and can be used as a quick way to set up small regattas

Coaching is the ideal platform for remote rowing coaching. As a coach, you can easily manage your athletes, set up plans and monitor execution and technique

Plan, execute, measure, adjust


"Check out @rowsandall as well - his site is really useful for dissecting rowing data, especially if you eventually get power/angles on the water - check out the articles in the blog - if you’re logging your ergs on C2logbook you can have a play dissecting the data" - Tom Carter

"Sander has made amazing tools for self-coaching or working with a coach."

“I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this website. I‘ve been using my NK empower oarlock for about a month now, and I‘m really excited to be able to better visualize my data.”

“I discovered – which is brilliant.”

"Thank you so much for creating this resource. I do have experience with a power meter on the cycling side. It has taken me a few days experimenting with your site including uploading an interval workout to realize what an awesome thing you created that anyone training on an erg would benefit from, there's nothing like it out there.""

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